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Enjoy a long stay Madeira winter holiday

 Enjoy a long stay Madeira winter holiday

Why Madeira Island

If you are thinking about spending the winter in a warm country why you don’t come to Madeira? Madeira is one of the safest destinations and has a lot to offer. The two islands of Madeira and Porto Santo have a very mild climate, so much so, that they are known as the islands of Eternal spring. For many years Madeira has been a popular destination to spend the winter for people from Northern and Western Europe. The wonderful climate, healthy lifestyle, culture and atmosphere in gorgeous surroundings make countless people travel to this beautiful island during the winter.
Spending the winter in another country is not something for everybody to do. Many people want to try it out first, or they don’t want the same destination every year. In that case, renting a holiday accommodation is a better and cheaper option.

The Clean & Safe Label, which has been set up especially for the tourist sector, ensures that all the companies that have joined have been trained in the precautionary measures and issue a guarantee that they are carrying out their activities as safely as possible and in accordance with the guidelines.

Medical care Madeira

There are many health centers located around the island of Madeira and one in Porto Santo. The most of them are equipped with emergency service facilities but most tourists will directly visit the Hospital Dr. Nélio Mendonça ‘Cruz de Carvalho’.

Medical insurance is strongly advised, even though EU citizens can obtain a refund for most medical costs by using the EHIC form (available at health offices in your country). Travelers from the UK can visit www.direct.gov.uk for more information.
There are many English-speaking doctors and dentists in Madeira. 
The local chemists (farmácia), recognizable by a sign with a green cross, will have just about anything you may require and there is always one open after hours in each area. 

Cost of daily life on Madeira

Groceries from the supermarket

In the Groceries Index, which looks only at daily shopping, Madeira is placed in the middle bracket. Bread, fruit and vegetables are usually not expensive. Do your shopping not only in the supermarket but also in the local markets. Almost every town and city on Madeira has its own market, where you often can buy regional products for small prices.

A drink on the terrace

Madeira is known for its strong coffee culture. No matter how small a village is, it always has a pastry or coffee shop where you can enjoy a good cup of coffee with usually a deliciously sweet cake. Do not be alarmed by the bill, as it is so cheap here.

Later on in the day, if you want a drink on a terrace in the sun, why not enjoy a nice cold drink? This is also not very expensive. According to the Worldwide Holiday Costs Barometer of 2018 on Madeira you pay for a bottle of beer, a can of coca-cola, or a bottle of water an average of 1,20€. 

Eating out in Madeira.

Eating at a restaurant in Portugal is not that much more expensive than cooking at home. The Portuguese themselves regularly go out to dinner too. In many restaurants, you can get the dish of the day (prato do dia), which is an inexpensive daily choice on the menu.

You can also taste the delicious fish and meat dishes that the Portuguese kitchen is famous for, such as the famous dishes with cod. A three-course meal for two people in an average restaurant is currently around 30€.

However, in the typical restaurants, the “prato do dia” is available for around 7.50€ for a main course, drink and a dessert. 

Holiday and long term rentals on Madeira

Holiday homes are the perfect alternative to hotels. They are more spacious, offer more privacy and comfort, which gives you more value for your money.
Living somewhere else during the winter may even be cheaper than staying at home. How much cheaper or more expensive it will be, is completely up to you; What is your destination, how will you travel, where will you stay, but also, how are you organizing things at home? Even with a small budget spending the winter somewhere else is a realistic option!

Every year, more people decide to spend the winter in a holiday accommodation. If you are one of these people, you might have noticed that the usual travel agent is not the best option here.
Usually they cannot help you with a journey lasting longer than four weeks. For this reason, you have to book your flight and your accommodation separately, or you’ll have to use your own transportation.
We can offer you a lot of accommodations suitable to spend the winter in, for a reasonable price, including water, energy, Satellite TV and internet via WIFI. Our team can also arrange car rental, airport transfer, flights, and all other formality’s on the Island. And really important: we’re living on Madeira and we are also stand-by during your Madeira stay. 

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