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Covid-19 Measurements for Madeira from July 2020

 Covid-19 Measurements for Madeira from July 2020

From 1 July 2020, the date on which compulsory quarantine is lifted, Madeira will welcome tourists to the island again. Madeira is proud of its results, achieved by resolute action after the emergence of the virus.  This makes Madeira one of the safest places at the moment.

In order to keep this as much as possible, the regional government has taken a set of security measures, so that both tourists and Madeirians can continue to feel safe.

In this post we will discuss various points that are important for tourists to know before they come to Madeira:

Flying to madeira

Madeira details Standardization Plan for Air Accessibility

The Government of the Autonomous Region of Madeira (RAM) has defined, in relation to the Standardization Plan for Air Accessibility, to be in force as of July 1, with regard to travelers to the airports of Madeira and Porto Santo:

  1. Filling out and submitting the epidemiological survey. http://apps.iasaude.pt/s-alerta/questionarios/viagem/questionario.cfm?l=EN (in english) or in other languages: http://apps.iasaude.pt/s-alerta/questionarios/viagem/. All passengers must complete the Regional Health Authority’s (IASAÚDE) form. The form should be filled in previously to the trip, between 48 and 12 hours before departure. The survey is available at the Regional Health Authority’s website and, will also be accessible through airlines’ websites that so consent. Alternatively, the completion of the survey, on paper, may occur on arrival at airports in the Autonomous Region of Madeira.
  2. Thermal Screening All passengers landed at airports in Autonomous Region of Madeira are subject to thermal screening, even if they carry a negative test for COVID-19 disease, carried out within 72 hours prior to landing, in laboratories certified by national or international authorities.
  3. COVID-19 disease test. Passengers landing at airports in the Autonomous Region of Madeira with a negative test for COVID-19 disease, carried out within 72 hours prior landing time, in laboratories certified by national and international authorities, upon landing, proceed to their destination, upon presentation of the corresponding report which can also be submitted, in advance, together with the inquiry referred to in point 1. Passengers landing at airports in the Autonomous Region of Madeira who have not tested for COVID-19 disease, will do so at the respective airport, upon arrival, with an estimated maximum period of 1 hour to complete the inherent process. After carrying out the aforementioned test, the passenger will proceed to their destination. The passenger will have to wait at the booked accommodation until the test result is reported to the passenger within the next 12 hours.
  4. Monitoring. All passengers will be monitored through an APP (mobile application) of the Regional Health Authority, of voluntary, but recommended use, or by telephone contact.
  5. Positive test result for COVID-19 disease. The passenger will be directed to a designated hotel and cohabitants (direct contacts) will be subject to mandatory confinement. The Government of the Autonomous Region of Madeira will assume the respective costs of treatment, accommodation and meals, at the designated hotel unit. After 7 days, the passenger will be subjected to a new test for COVID-19 disease, for decision by the Regional Health Authority. If the disease manifests itself during the stay, the respective hotel will not close and must comply with the guidelines issued by the Regional Health Authority.
  6. Repatriation. The Government of the Autonomous Region of Madeira collaborates with all Diplomatic Authorities and Operators involved. All charges related to repatriation operations must be covered by passengers’ travel insurance.


Download the official Protocol, version 13.07.2020 (44 pages, in Portuguese)

Measurements described in this protocol:

  1. Reopening of tourism activity
  2. Trip to Madeira
    1. Evidence of health condition – at the time of boarding
    2. On the aircraft
    3. On arrival (airport)
    4. Transfers and Tourist Transport
    5. In the accommodation (hotel)
    6. Operational areas
    7. Local Accommodation, Rural Tourism and other accommodation
    8. Congresses & Incentives
    9. Touristic Activities
    10. Tourist Information Offices
    11. Travel Agencies
    12. Public areas
    13. Pools and public beaches
    14. Ports & Marinas
    15. Events of tourism animation
    16. Museums / Cultural centres / Monuments

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